Time to shine

I learn all the time, watching a team move towards flourishing in the brave new world.

Here are some more thoughts on working at home:

  • Find yourself a quiet place to work – it might not be perfect, but if your family understand some boundaries then it can be as quiet as possible.

  • Dress for success! I still sometimes wears a jacket when taking calls at home – it helps get into the professional zone.

  • Dress for success! Dress as you would normally for the office – kids and partners will judge your availability by how you are dressed too 😊

  • Set boundaries with your household and friends – they must know when you cannot be disturbed.

  • Set yourself blocks of work so they know the most they have to wait for the next chat is an hour!

  • Every day, have clear goals for your work results! Specific, Measurable and Timely – know when you are done.

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