Working from home during coronavirus

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Standing in your sitting room this morning and wondering where you are going to base your 'workstation' tomorrow. Yesterday you were told the good news, you get to work from home for anything from weeks to months!

Why does that sound better to people with larger homes, a spare room, or space in the sitting room for a desk, or a large kitchen table to scatter papers on? But for most of us it poses several immediate problems:

  • Where to sit in the house when the house is empty?

  • Where to sit in the house when the house is full?

  • The worktop that is too small.

  • The chair that has no support where needed.

  • The family members who think you are home, when in your head you are at work (and feeling guilty when you have to shoo them away).

  • The family members who have their social life, piano practice, TV time curtailed.

  • The family having to tiptoe around because you are on the phone a lot of the time.

  • Your Wi-Fi is erratic and slow.

  • The room is too cold.

  • The heating costs have gone up.

  • Learning to stay focused.

  • Learning when to take breaks.

  • Learning it is about output and not input.

  • Trusting yourself to make decisions you used to check with others across the desk.

  • Trusting your manager to have your back when it is a poor decision.

Here are 5 key personal factors to consider:

  1. Technology - Do you have the IT equipment, apps and connectivity required for remote access to the systems you use daily?

  2. .Communications - Do you have a team collaboration and communication set of guidelines or rules? Can you use the tools?

  3. Workplace - Do you have a place at home to work in peace and comfort?

  4. Time and Task management - Do you have a robust system for logging and tracking your tasks? Interruptions will abound - you need to know exactly where you were before the distraction. Will there be good and bad times to try and work during the day (eg children come home from school, neighbour practices his drum solos)?

  5. Management System - Do you know the remote management system, the Way of Working, of your manager? Remember, he or she is often as unfamiliar with this scenario as you

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