Designing, Planning and Implementing Your Transformation Journey

A senior professional services projects and delivery manager with an extensive history of successful delivery across industries, solutions and geographies. 

  • 15 years’ Delivery, Project and Program Management in IT Services including ERP and SaaS HR. 

  • 9 years’ business and line management. 

  • 5 years’ strategic HR and HR transformation.

Adds strategic value and contributes to the success of your business and your customers through extensive professional skills and business awareness, underscored by a breadth of understanding of technical issues. 

A successful career spanning professional roles and responsibilities as a consultant, manager, leader, project manager, strategic thinker and problem solver.



Implementing change in people, process, and technology.

I have a career history demonstrating successful people and business management, project and program management, organisational transformation at a global level, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

My experience includes:

  • Professional Services Director and Delivery Manager.

  • Professional Services in middleware and data transformation.

  • Strategic Human Resources as HR Business Partner, HR Transition Manager, Leadership Development, Graduate Recruitment, Performance Management, Staff Recruitment.

  • Global transformation of IBM’s HR delivery model of people, process and technology.

  • Implemented IBM’s HR Centre of Excellence in Manila, Philippines. 

  • Project Manager of a Disaster Management Centre implementation.

  • Public Sector Programme Management.

  • Executive organisational transformation programme.

  • Chairman of an Educational Upliftment Program

  • Project Management across EMEA, Nordics, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.



Key Skills
Project and Program Management

  • Scoping, estimating and pricing of projects for internal or external investment cases.

  • Project Initiation, Definition, Planning, Managing, Closing

  • Project team resourcing and unification

  • Troubled Project intervention, consolidation and remediation.

  • Coaching and individual team member maximisation.


Management Experience

  • 2.5 years Data Processing Manager at Merlin Gerin South Africa, French electrical manufacturer

  • 1.5 years General Manager BHKP, IT Recruitment Consultancy

  • 1 year as Projects Director at IMS, ERP Consultanct

  • 1.5 years line manager at IBM Global Services (10 staff)

  • 1.5 years business manager IBM Software Group Services

  • 1.5 years HR SDM lead

ICT Solutions Experience

  • Aviation Inventory Cost Management

  • Automotive Manufacturer Inventory Management

  • Financial Services Life Insurance Policy Administration

  • Financial Services Mortgage Application Processing

  • Financial Services B2B Customer Data Exchange

  • Financial Services PRA FSCS Reporting System

  • Financial Services Middleware - Call Center

  • Financial Services Data Integration and Big Data

  • Financial Services Master Data Management

  • Industrial gases Sales Management

  • Telecommunications Middleware

  • Telecommunications SOA for?

  • Industrial (Heavy) ERP Implementation SCAW

  • Industrial (Light) ERP Implementation MG

  • Agri-chemical ERP Implementation Kynoch

  • Petro-chemical ERP Implementation Mosgas

  • Retail PIM for online B2B, B2C Technical products

  • Retail PIM for supplier product data and tender management

  • Retail PIM for online luxury goods

  • Retail FMCG Middleware

  • Public Sector Disaster Management Application

  • Public Sector Program Manager

  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) (SAP, Workday)

  • CoE SaaS

  • CoE Service Desk

HR Projects

  • HR Management System (HRIS) implementation (Enterprise-wide, Global, SAP HR, Workday).

  • HRMS Centre of Excellence (Global, Philippines)

  • HRMS Employee self-help and trend-analysis

  • HR Employee Transitions from Customers to IBM

Verbal Communication

  • Teaching and training groups up to 30 delegates.

  • Public speaking to audience of up to 800 persons.

  • Conference presentations and workshop facilitation.

  • Remote team management crossing multiple language, cultures and time zones.

Written Communication

  • Writing of commercial statements of work, contracts and project definition documents.

  • Writing of executive summary status reports and dispute documentation.

  • Structured concise, and unambiguous email communications. 


  • Employee Self-Service HRMS Peer help and sentiment analysis

Multi-sourced teams

  • Finland - India, Sweden, Spain, Germany, UK

  • Sweden - India, Spain, Germany, UK

  • Italy - India, Colombia, Canada, Germany, USA, UK

  • France - India, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France

  • IBM HR SDM - Hungary, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica


“I have been privileged to work with Jeremy on a project and as project manager he communicates exceptionally well, clearly articulating each project member's role and his expectations. He also deeply cares about the well-being of each of the team members and ensures that they have an environment in which they can excel.” Harry L.

Harry L.



Waves of Change

Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions. I work with all levels of management to diagnose cultural inhibitors to growth that can and must be fixed by leadership from management.

I will develop a clear set of measurable, actionable, and realistic goals and plans with you, to achieve waves of change.


Collaboration Wins

I will examine the culture and climate of the delivery teams - operational and project - to determine areas of improvement as identified by the employees.  I will facilitate and empower the delivery teams to find their voice as the experts in the business. I then work with cross-functional teams to refine a list of goals.

We will define the goals clearly and unambiguously together, and I will support the planning and execution of change.



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