Key Skills

Key Skills

Project and Program Management

  • Scoping, estimating and pricing of projects for internal or external investment cases.

  • Project Initiation, Definition, Planning, Managing, Closing

  • Project team resourcing and unification

  • Troubled Project intervention, consolidation and remediation.

  • Coaching and individual team member maximisation.


Management Experience

  • 2.5 years Data Processing Manager at Merlin Gerin South Africa, French electrical manufacturer

  • 1.5 years General Manager BHKP, IT Recruitment Consultancy

  • 1 year as Projects Director at IMS, ERP Consultanct

  • 1.5 years line manager at IBM Global Services (10 staff)

  • 1.5 years business manager IBM Software Group Services

  • 1.5 years HR SDM lead

ICT Solutions Experience

  • Aviation Inventory Cost Management

  • Automotive Manufacturer Inventory Management

  • Financial Services Life Insurance Policy Administration

  • Financial Services Mortgage Application Processing

  • Financial Services B2B Customer Data Exchange

  • Financial Services PRA FSCS Reporting System

  • Financial Services Middleware - Call Center

  • Financial Services Data Integration and Big Data

  • Financial Services Master Data Management

  • Industrial gases Sales Management

  • Telecommunications Middleware

  • Telecommunications SOA for?

  • Industrial (Heavy) ERP Implementation SCAW

  • Industrial (Light) ERP Implementation MG

  • Agri-chemical ERP Implementation Kynoch

  • Petro-chemical ERP Implementation Mosgas

  • Retail PIM for online B2B, B2C Technical products

  • Retail PIM for supplier product data and tender management

  • Retail PIM for online luxury goods

  • Retail FMCG Middleware

  • Public Sector Disaster Management Application

  • Public Sector Program Manager

  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) (SAP, Workday)

  • CoE SaaS

  • CoE Service Desk


HR Projects

  • HR Management System (HRIS) implementation (Enterprise-wide, Global, SAP HR, Workday).

  • HRMS Centre of Excellence (Global, Philippines)

  • HRMS Employee self-help and trend-analysis

  • HR Employee Transitions from Customers to IBM

Verbal Communication

  • Teaching and training groups up to 30 delegates.

  • Public speaking to audience of up to 800 persons.

  • Conference presentations and workshop facilitation.

  • Remote team management crossing multiple language, cultures and time zones.

Written Communication

  • Writing of commercial statements of work, contracts and project definition documents.

  • Writing of executive summary status reports and dispute documentation.

  • Structured concise, and unambiguous email communications.


  • Employee Self-Service HRMS Peer help and sentiment analysis

Multi-sourced teams

  • Finland - India, Sweden, Spain, Germany, UK

  • Sweden - India, Spain, Germany, UK

  • Italy - India, Colombia, Canada, Germany, USA, UK

  • France - India, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France

  • IBM HR SDM - Hungary, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica